Bracelet 18K Gold Plated Chain Lavender and Peach Freshwater Pearl


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Bracelet Freshwater Pearl Grade A

Round shape Pearls  7.5  -  8  mm

Lavender and Peach color

Chain link  2  mm Total lenght  : 23 cm  ( customizable ).

18K Gold Plated
We realize gold and rhodium plating in our workshop in France.

Price for 1 bracelet.

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$ 61.12

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Bracelet 18K Gold Plated Chain Lavender and Peach Freshwater Pearl

No size necklace : Clasp takes place between 2 pearls.

Natural color, not dyed

Free personalization : For a customized version of the chain in size or color pearl,
no extra fees (to +/- 3 cm), contact us  :

Grade A :  a regular shape, flawless or very small flaw, a high luster,  a pure color.

Genuine pearls :  Freshwater pearls are real and natural pearls produced in large mussels bred in lakes.

For freshwater pearls, black color is artificial. Only Tahitian sea pearls are naturally black.

Perfect resistance: A gold-plated high quality standards of the French jewelry.
Does not ternish. Does not oxidize and is highly resistant in time.

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